Why is it that a man’s shirt always fits better than a woman’s shirt?? And I don’t just mean on them. I mean on us as well. I want you to think about one of the sexiest things that a woman can wear. It has got to be, hands down, a man’s shirt and underwear, nothing else. Usually the shirt is simply picked up off the floor and used to cover oneself, but that is a post for another day.

IMG_9146    IMG_9147

While I technically didn’t steal this shirt from my Husband’s closet, it was purchased from the men’s section of American Eagle. I am tall, for a woman, and I have long arms. I find that a woman’s shirt is usually too short in the sleeves and not long enough to cover my rear end. I love wearing button ups with leggins so rear coverage is a must when purchasing a button up. I started checking the sale section of the men’s department and found that the sleeves are usually long enough and the sale is usually better. This is not just true for American Eagle but almost all clothing stores. Hollister, Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren, even the local Goodwill, the men’s section is one of my favorite places to look next time you head to the store. I promise that you will not be disappointed, and your might even save a few dollars!

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Flannel- American Eagle

Jacket- Old Navy (sold out online but similar jacket here)

Skinnies- Forever 21

Flats- Tory Burch

Necklace- eBay

Handbag- Vintage Dooney & Bourke