I am beyond obsessed with the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Sofia Crossbody. The only problem is that I did not have $245 to drop on a new handbag!!

What is a girl to do??

I think it is time for a little DIY!!


And I can tell you that this DIY is so easy, I did it in the middle of my daughter’s bedroom floor while she played! No sewing required!


The first thing that I did was gather my supplies. I purchased my handbag from Old Navy and the tassels from Boo and Boo Factory on Etsy. The tassels can be purchased in four different sizes but I purchased the 0.75 inch mini tassels. There are a variety of colors so you can chose any color tassels that you like!


The next thing that you will need to do will be to cut two of the interior strips of leather off of your bags tassel to use as your base for your mini tassels. If you choose a bag that does not have a large leather tassel then you can use two small strips of leather.


Once you have cut your strips you will need to figure out where you want your tassels to fall on your bag. I lined up my tassels first to see exactly where I wanted them. Once you have decided this you will then punch holes in your bag using a pair of scissors.



You will need a total of four holes, two for each row of tassels. These is what your bag should look like once you have punched all the holes.


Once you have punched the holes you will then push the strips of leather through the holes, knotting it on each end to secure it in place.



You will do these step two times so that you have both leather strips securely attached to the bag.



After you have securely attached the leather strips, you are now ready to attach your tassels. I used Beadalon Wire to attach mine but only because that is what I already had at home. Because of this, I needed a pair of wire cutters. You can achieve the same results though with fishing line and it will be easier to cut and cheaper!


Cut a small piece of wire or fishing line that will be easy to knot several times. If you cut too much that is totally ok because you can always trim off the extra! I knotted the wire three times and then trimmed off the excess.



You will do this step three times on the bottom strip of leather.


Once you have completed the bottom row, you can move on to the top row. My top row only has two tassels. They attach the same exact way as the ones that you just previously completed.


For my final step, I pushed all the knots that I had tied in the wire to the back of the tassel strips. I then took the craft glue E6000 and squirted some on a piece of paper. Using my finger, I dabbed just a tiny bit of glue on each knot, including the knots that I tied at the ends of the strips of leather inside the bag, to further reinforce the knot. This prevented the knots from becoming untied and my potentially losing the tassels.


And that is it! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Check out my final result!


And Vivi totally approved!! I guess it is ok that I used her room!!


This is just one example of a bag that you can use! Using the same method, my fellow blogger  Julia of Glitter and Juls made a bag that is just as cute with a bag that she found on eBay!

Check out her finished product:

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments and I would love to see your finished product if you make one of your own! Happy Crafting!


Mrs. Fowler