Just like it is essential to find a balance in your fashion choices, I have found that it is crucial to find a balance in your life. I may seem constantly busy but it works for me. After a few years, I have found a perfect balance of work and play that works for me and my family.


Just like mixing a basic tee with a leather skirt is all about balance, life must also be a balance of work and play. Growing up, I really struggled with finding a good balance. I either did nothing but work and study, leaving me burnt out quickly, or I only played. It wasn’t until I found an outlet in blogging that I really started to get a handle on all areas of my life. I think blogging helped because it was something that I enjoyed that also required a sense of discipline. While it is an outlet, I have dreams for my little blog and do want it to be successful. This means that I need to be constantly gathering material, taking photos, and pushing out posts. If I am not willing to put in any effort, then I can’t expect to be successful. With the motivation to have time for blogging, I make sure that my work is done and that I have taken care of my responsibilities.



With that balance, I have to say that my family is, and always will be, my first priority. There have been many days when a stack of papers really needed to be graded but I let it wait until after dinner with my husband. There have been other days when I really needed to get a blog post posted but I put it off so that I could watch Peppa Pig with my daughter. It is this balance that keeps me sane. I realized that allowing myself time to just take a break from responsibilities, even if only for a minute, helps to keep me sane.


With blogging, especially, if it starts to feel like work, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it anymore. Throughout my blogging career, I have taken frequent breaks, just so I don’t feel overwhelmed. Stressing out about getting a post on the blog or an outfit photographed, takes away the joy that I get from writing. I think that what is most important is that I am presenting who I am as a person. Being real and honest with my followers is more important than making sure that I have at least two new posts every week. Life happens, balance is necessary, and, sometimes, we all just need a break.


If I have taken anything at all away from my journey through social media it would be that being true to who you are is the most important thing. When you realize that being real is way more important than portraying a more glamorous life, the stress melts away, priorities stay balanced, and you just have fun. I will never let myself get to the point where I no longer enjoy blogging. What would be the point? A hobby should only be a hobby and nothing more.

With anything in life, find your balance and make it work for you. It may not look like someone else’s balance but if it works for you, that is all that matters!


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