Growing up, I never had perfect teeth. I sucked my thumb until I started Kindergarten, pressing on my front teeth. Because of this, they started to push out and separate, leaving with a buck-toothed smile. I also had way too many teeth for my mouth and, because of that, I had to have many pulled. Luckily, I had amazing parents that quickly put me in braces. The journey was long and painful but now I have pretty perfect teeth!


After all that effort that was put in to make my smile the best that it can possibly be, I try to do whatever I can to keep it looking great. One of the things that I have realized the older I have gotten is that your smile is your best accessory. A great smile can make you look like a million dollars, no matter what you are wearing. The way that I can my smile looking its best is with bright, white teeth.




Recently, I have teamed up with Smile Brilliant to give me the best looking smile possible. It has been an amazing process that has given me the best smile of my life. Not only this, but it was super easy to do. The kit comes with a putty so that you can make a perfect mold of your teeth. ¬†Once you have made the mold, you send it off and they make a tray that is the perfect fit for your teeth. Because of this, you can literally do almost anything while you whiten! No messy trays, no dripping gel, no annoying light! While I whitened I cooked dinner, went to the grocery store, put on makeup, took a shower… my possibilities were endless!




After my whitening treatments, I am definitely a believer. The results were amazing and they really seem to last. It was easy and painless and will definitely be something that I use again in the future. Besides my amazing results, I am giving away a whitening kit to one of my readers! Want to enter? It’s super easy! Just visit¬†!

Being Mrs. Fowler Smile Brilliant Results

If you cannot wait for the giveaway and are anxious to start now just visit Smile Brilliant and enter the code “beingmrsfowler15” at checkout. That will save you $15 off of any tray set! I can promise that you will love your results.

I also encourage you their website to read testimonials by other happy customers. You will see some amazing results and some very satisfied clients!





Photography Courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography.

Disclaimer: I received my whitening kit as a part of complimentary collaboration from Smile Brilliant. All opinions are my own.