I am excited to bring you my second post in my Blog-O-Ween series! This DIY costume series has been so much fun and, thanks to my local Goodwill, super easy! To celebrate this festive time of year, Goodwill locations have set up a Halloween headquarters inside of their stores. Within this section you can find all sorts of costumes, accessories and key pieces to put together your own look. That was exactly where I found these next pieces!

While some costumes take a little bit of crafting and hot glue, others only require the right pieces and a little bit of makeup! That was exactly the case for my DIY Scarecrow costume!


To create this costume, you will need the following:

A Pair of Overalls

A Plaid Button-Up

A Pair of Knee Socks

A Pair of Cowboy Boots

Dark Colored Blush

Black Eyeliner

I was able to find the overalls and button up at my local Goodwill. I purchased the pieces together for only $7 making this a really affordable look! Not only this, but I can use the pieces in my own wardrobe in the future! My cowboy boots and knee socks came from my own closet!


This easy costume did not require any steps! I simply got dressed, pulled my hair into pig tails and threw a little make-up on my face. I used black eyeliner to draw on my nose and to extend the corners of my mouth, and I used a lot of blush to give my cheeks that super rosy look. Once dressed, I shoved pine straw in my pockets and even tucked a few pieces into my hair! It was a super cute look once finished and I really enjoyed playing around in this costume! Let me know what you think!