Vivi is getting to the age where she loves all things girlie. Baby dolls, tea sets, Barbies… you name it, she loves it! One of the things that she has recently started loving is dressing up in costumes.



While dressing up is cute and a lot of fun, it can get expensive pretty fast, especially when your child is growing out of her clothes faster than you can buy them. I was thrilled when I found the company Little Adventures because I could get Vivi the costumes of all of the characters that she has come to know and love, without breaking the bank! They are super affordable, very well made and, best part, are machine washable! This is perfect since their are some days when she insist on wearing her Spanish Princess Dress all day, even meal times! Call me crazy but PB&J stains just don’t add anything extra to this beautiful dress.

I love this company because they realize that dressing up is not just for little girls. They have a wide array of costumes perfect for little boys, and even some for us grown-ups! I love dressing up at times and the Cinderella Dress is perfect for living out all of my childhood fantasies.


Just in time for the holidays, I have teamed up with Little Adventures to offer you an amazing deal! At checkout, if you enter the code BMF15%, you can save 15% off of your entire purchase! That means that you can get a gorgeous dress for about $25! That is steal considering how much other brands tend to charge for their dresses. I am also offering a $30 store credit to one follower over on my Instagram so I encourage you to check me out at BeingMrsFowler!

Check out the dresses and let me know which ones are your favorite! I am definitely in the market for another one for Vivi and I would love your opinion!



Disclaimer: I received this dress c/o Little Adventure’s to feature on my blog and Instagram. All opinions are my own.