About Me

Hello Friends!

Welcome to the world of Mrs. Fowler. I say Mrs. like I am trying to be way more mature than I actually am, but in reality, I am still a kid at heart. To be a little more personal, you can call me Megan. You can even call me Meg, Megs or Meggie if you want because I want you to be able to view me as a friend. Through the world of Instagram I have built so many relationships and friendships with some truly amazing women and I hope that blogging will open those same doors.

I wish that I could tell you that I am an actress, a fashion designer or a singer but the truth is, I try to live a life much more glamorous than I actually am… posting daily #ootd’s, wearing sequin skirts to work, joking that Lauren Conrad and Taylor Swift are Besties with me and my Real-Life Bestie and owning more jewelry than Quakers has oats (my husband loves to say that) but I am just your typical girl next door. That life that I sometimes pretend to live belongs in a city much bigger than my little Southern town, but it is home and I would not have it any other way.

Besides my love of the glitz and glamour, I am a Kindergarten teacher with a heart for Reading Instruction. Books can take you anywhere and I try to instill that love in my students. I am Mommy to a beautiful little girl named, Vivilyn.Being her Mommy is my greatest achievement and I cannot begin to imagine my life without her!! I am so happy to dance through life with my Soul Mate and, most importantly, I am a daughter of the King. I hope that you will follow along with me as I share little pieces of my life with you!

(Photo credits: JHillis Photography and Magnolia Blossom Photography)