Being a teacher means that my weekends do not always belong to me. This past Saturday I signed up for a Professional Development course on Memoir Writing in the Classroom. I knew that I wanted to be comfy and cute as well as fully accessorized. The solution? Lots of layers, a little pattern mixing and an amazing accessory in honor of one of my favorite television shows: Game of Thrones. I am quite the nerd so when I saw this pin I knew that I needed it to further support my Daenerys Targaryen obsession. Forget Mrs. Fowler, just call me Khaleesi.

IMG_9290  IMG_9293

IMG_9294  IMG_9292

IMG_9297  IMG_9298

Striped Shirt- TJ Maxx

Chambray- Goodwill

Jacket and Leggings- Forever 21

Boots and Scarf- Belk

Necklace- NY & Company

Sunglasses- Amazon (Prada Dupe)


Bag- Target


This pin though… Get your own on eBay for $1.99 with free shipping!!

Nail Polish- Essie: Bobbing for Baubles

IMG_9306  IMG_9305

Get Excited!! The new season returns to HBO on April 12!!

This is Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the Khaleesi and Mother of Dragons signing off!


Mrs. Fowler