Hello Handsome…

Or Shall I Say Gorgeous??

We recently had our Gender Reveal to reveal the sex of Baby Fowler to all of our family and friends. It was so hard to not find out the sex at my ultrasound but I decided to be a good sport and find out with everyone else! There were literally points of the ultrasound when I had to cover my eyes so I couldn’t see the monitor! But I didn’t peek! I kept my eyes covered and found out at the reveal with everyone else!


The only person who knew the sex was my sister, Morgan. She was the one responsible for buying the right color of balloons and getting them safely into the box. She did a great job keeping the secret and we are so thankful for her help and dedication to her job!! We chose to do a balloon box for our reveal. I loved the pictures that I found on Pinterest of the balloon floating out of the box and I have a super crafty Mom who graciously decorated the box for us!


Now, as for the sex… I thought it was a girl all along. I have been super sick, started showing early, was experiencing acne and had absolutely no appetite. On top of all of this, the Chinese Gender Calender said it was a girl and so did the Pencil Test. The baby’s heart rate had also always been between 150-180 bpm which even furthered my belief that it was a girl. I know that these are old wives tales… but there has to be some truth to them!! I really hoped that they would prove correctly because, while a healthy baby was most important, I really wanted a little girl!!

My husband, however, was not convinced. He thought 100% that it was a boy. He even told me that there was no way it could be a girl!! I found this extremely funny because it was 50/50 either way, but he could not be convinced otherwise! He really wanted a little boy so it looked like we were a house divided!! And it turned out to be the same for our guests! Just look at their guesses…


Each guest put their tally on the board and chose the color of beads that they thought! It was a lot of fun to hear everyone’s guesses!!

We had a lot of yummy snacks and, just for my husband, we had a candy bar!! He has a major sweet tooth and that was his only request!! We did everything in pink and blue. Luckily, Party City has a section of color specific candies so we were able to have a lot of fun with our candy choices!!

 11075253_985651480068_5479261748189245078_n  11083662_985651415198_6791601780912641243_n


But I know you all really want to know what we are having…

I will let the pictures do the talking…

11102612_985651649728_5720689941863875184_n  17899_985651614798_376724349712766781_n

11083863_985651669688_1816106317570619528_n  11078261_985651794438_7676646550136772973_n

19827_985651834358_5531427412073327214_n  11073566_985651904218_3845917575764222364_n

That’s right!!! It is a GIRL!!! My motherly instinct was right!!

My poor husband was a little disappointed… Don’t get me wrong!! He is super excited to have a little Princess and he knows that she will be Daddy’s Little Girl, but in that moment, when those pink balloons popped out he said, “Even the dog is a girl!”

 11083908_985652068888_2820667616192055109_n  10636343_985652133758_3468674508481760611_n

He totally fake crying in these pictures so please don’t think that he is actually that disappointed, but they were just too funny not to share!!

 11083624_985651944138_140643086683582834_n  11074722_985652023978_4203929899734517163_n

We can’t wait to meet our precious little Princess! We are already so in love and can’t wait till she is here and finally in our arms! September 13th cannot get here fast enough!



Mrs. Fowler