So sorry that I have been slacking on blogging!! This growing a human thing is no joke!! Most of my free time is spent napping!! I figure that I need to sleep as much as I can before Little Girl makes her debut!!


I am still getting my RocksBox subscription and I am still in love!! The boxes keep getting better and better as they become more familiar with what I like. It is also nice to get something new in the mail that I know will fit my growing bump no matter how big it gets! So let’s take a peek into one of my latest box!!!

My box was filled with Jenny Bird, Gorjana and Loren Hope! My favorite piece was an amazing spike necklace from Jenny Bird. It had metal spikes and beautiful, cream colored beads. It fit right in with my style and I wore it immediately!! Here is an upclose look at the beauty and an outfit idea for how I styled it!!

  r5  rb

The necklace piece was a beautiful layering necklace from Gorjana. It was a chevron design and looked great layered with the Jenny Bird necklace. Here is an upclose of the Gorjana necklace, as well as one layered with the Jenny Bird necklace.

r4  r2

The final piece that I got was a Loren Hope bracelet. Here work is always stunning and this piece definitely did not fall short of that expectation. It was a clasp bracelet that could be dressed up or down. It is perfect to add some glam to an Arm Party or to just be worn alone.


It was a pretty amazing RocksBox and I really enjoyed wearing all of these pieces!! Want to get your very own RocksBox for FREE??? Just enter code meganxoxo2 at checkout!! There is no obligation to buy either!! One box, absolutely free!!

As Summer fast approaches I hope to be blogging more soon!! I appreciate all of your patience and can’t wait for you all to see the little girl that has made me so tired!! I know everything will be worth it when I get to see her precious face!!

Stay Fabulous My Friends!!


Mrs. Fowler