In the world of blogging, you are usually the one in front of the camera. I am constantly making sure that I am picture perfect and ready to make sure that the camera captures the best image. But what happens when you step behind the scenes? What happens when you take a step back and start styling someone else? This past summer, I expanded my horizons to find out.

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The entire world of blogging has always intrigued me. I love the crisp, clean images. I love finding just the perfect words to go with your pictures. I love gathering inspiration from others around me. It is something that I truly enjoy having in my life. Since I enjoy each aspect so much, I decided to take on a different role. Instead of being the one in front of the camera, I decided to take a step behind the scenes and dabble into the world of styling.

My best friend Mary Elaine, of It’s Mary Elaine, launched her blog this summer. Before she could officially set it live on the internet, she needed good, high quality images of herself to build her image. Knowing that I already had experience in this field, she reached out to me to help her put outfits together and assist on the day of her photo shoot.

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I met up with her a few days before the shoot to pick out outfits. We met up at one of our favorite, local boutiques, RMC, to put together and borrow a few outfits. She explained the vision that she was hoping for in her pictures so that I would get an idea for outfits. She also shared her mood board on Pinterest with me so I would have a few visuals. We put together 5 different outfits to shoot.

With the outfits in place, I was able to gather accessories, shoes and props to add to her photographs. I got lucky in the fact that Mary Elaine and I are the same size in shoes. Normally, a stylist would have to borrow or buy the shoes for a shoot, but since she was my size, and I have an extensive collection, I was able to pull from my own closet.

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Our photographer was the fabulous Brooke Roberts of Brooke Roberts Photo. She had great vision, amazing ideas and just a good eye for capturing the perfect shot. During the shoot, I assisted Brooke with props, adjusting Mary Elaine’s clothes, and fixing stray hairs. It was a great experience to see her work and the images that she captured were stunning. I absolutely loved the experience. It was amazing to see someone value my opinion. When I saw the finished product it was such an awesome feeling to see little details that I suggested being captured in the photo. I was so thankful for the opportunity and I will defitely be styling more in the future.

If you are in need of a wardrobe stylist, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I have worked a few other photo shoots since Mary Elaine’s and they have all been a great experience with amazing results. I am also available to style outfits for events, closet makeovers and personal shopping. Whatever your styling needs, I am happy to help!

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I encourage you to check out Brooke’s website to see other examples of her work. I also encourage you to check out Mary Elaine’s blog. She is a true beauty and a great asset to our blogging community here in Savannah.


All photography courtesy of Brooke Roberts Photo.