You guys! I woke up this morning and it was chilly! And not just chilly, it was in the 50s! For Savannah, that is something to celebrate.


This has been the hottest fall that I can remember. Lately, the temperatures have been in the 90’s with the heat index being over 100! I tried dressing my daughter cute for the Pumpkin Patch and she was sweating. Her little cheeks were so red and I felt terrible.

I have come to accept the fact that I live in the armpit of the United States and, unfortunately, our weather is never really going to cooperate. Because of this, I have learned to make the best of the warm temps.


When I first saw this kimono, I was obsessed. I loved the fact that it would allow me to layer in our hotter fall temperatures. I love layering because it gives off fall vibes but it can easily be adapted to your climate. In Savannah, I need lightweight, breathable layers to keep my cool in our humid environment. While this kimono looks heavy, it is actually a very lightweight material. The billowy sleeves allow my skin to breathe and my fall-loving soul is happy for a day.


Another great thing about a warmer fall is the fact that you can still incorporate bright colors into your wardrobe. When I think of fall colors I picture rich jewel tones and neutral shades. A warmer climate means you can easily sneak bright color into the mix and still look like you are dressing for the season.

And while I firmly believe that there really is no rules when it comes to fashion, a warmer fall means that it is totally acceptable to wear white as long as possible. I have never been one to follow fashion rules, but a lot of people really do follow the “No white after Labor Day” rule. Here in the south, the heat allows for white to be incorporated into your outfits for much longer, and that is a trend that I fully support.


Honestly, no matter where it is that you live, I firmly believe that you should wear what makes you happy. If that is flip-flops in the middle of a January snow storm, then I say go for it! When you are happy about an outfit, you are going to exude confidence, and when you exude confidence, people are going to look at you and think that you look just as great as you feel! Remember, there really is no rules when it comes to fashion anymore so hold your head high and rock whatever it is that you feel like wearing!


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Photography courtesy of Magnolia Blossom Photography.

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