I am sure that many of you read the title of this post and thought, “A crop top?? Seriously?? How could that be Mom friendly??”

Well I have just the answer for you.. layering them over a maxi dress!!

As an avid Pinterest explorer, I am constantly searching for outfit ideas and this was no exception when my baby bump was finally starting to show. I wanted cute and creative ways to make my everyday wardrobe work so that I was not spending a ton of money on maternity clothes. Not only this, but I wanted the things that  I did purchase to work with my post baby wardrobe. I came upon this picture and I was obsessed!!


How adorable is Kristen Cavallari??!! I knew that I had to find this outfit for my own maternity wardrobe so I started the hunt!!

I have found the best luck at Forever 21. With $11 maxis and $8 crop tops, I am able to build a maternity wardrobe without breaking the bank. I tried to pick colors and patterns that were interchangeable so my pairings would not be limited. I purchased a size larger than I normally would wear to accommodate my growing bump and luckily these are both pieces that look good a little over-sized for after baby. Her are some examples of how I made this look work for me.

IMG_0548  IMG_1280


All of the maxi dresses were purchase at Forever 21, as well as the top two crop tops. The bottom crop top was purchased at Charlotte Russe. The denim jacket I have had for years and is Levis, but any denim jacket or cardigan will look great!! I had to make all of these outfits appropriate for work which is why I paired the jacket, but come summer I will be enjoying the sunshine on my bare arms!!

Hopefully you will love this idea as much as I have! It is definitely a cute way to show off your bump or to just add a crop top to your everyday wardrobe!!


Mrs. Fowler