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Maxing Out My Maxis

This summer has been hot!! Being from South Georgia means that our Summers are no joke!! Being pregnant has meant that I am even hotter than usual and just stepping outside can take my breath away. It is for this […]

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A Baby Fowler Bumpdate!!

Baby Fowler has been growing like crazy these past few weeks and besides making me exhausted, she is making my little baby belly into a big baby belly!! It has been so exciting lately because I am starting to feel […]

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A Baby Fowler Update


I just wanted to share my most recent weekly bump pictures!!    I am loving showing off this bump and it is so fun to watch my belly grow. We purchased the chalk board from Home Goods and of course […]

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Styling my Bump

As I mentioned in a previous post… I am EXPECTING!! It has been super exciting watching my baby grow and the place that I have seen that growth the most is in my belly. It has been quite frustrating at […]