I don’t ever do anything like this, but I cannot just sit back. I have to do something…


One of my oldest friends, Ashley Beam, just got word that her 5 year old son, John Ashley, has cancer. I still can’t really wrap my mind around all that this Mommy is going through so I can only imagine what she is feeling. As a Mom, my biggest fear is that something is going to happen to my sweet girl. My heart is literally hurting for this family. I am going to share with you Ashley’s words in hopes that they will encourage you to help…

“I am writing a post that no parent ever wants to write, but here I am, privileged to write it. Our John Ashley has been sick for a long time. Sick like vomiting and no one else in the house catches the bug. Sick like constant stomach pain and seeing a GI specialist. Sick like unable to walk own his own. What we know now is that John has cancer. It doesn’t have a name yet, but there is a tumor in his belly that should not be there. We also have reason to believe that it’s in another part of his body as well.
I am overwhelmed with gratitude in this moment. Of course, I am so thankful for the friends and family who have rallied around us to care and pray for our family. More than that, I am grateful for the experts who took lots (tons) of time and energy away from being a bum (or whatever) to instead study things like oncology, hematology, radiologic science, nursing, counseling, the list goes on. We have been so blessed and cared for by your sacrifice and your decision to show up to work every day. People are incredible and Memorial has blown us away as we prepare to fight.
.Mostly, I am thankful (so thankful) that God chose me to be John’s mama. His name means GOD IS GRACIOUS, and God has used his little life to challenge me and mold me into the image of His Son more than any other thing. Every time I say his name, I can remember God’s grace to me. I am so happy to know Jesus in this moment, and to walk with him through this season. We have a fight on our hands, guys, but I have been known to pray and ask God at my lowest moments to do WHATEVER it takes to keep me close. Glory to God! He’s once again heard and answered me!
We do ask you to pray for John. I have one word that I consistently pray over my family. That word is TENACITY. Please pray that God will give John a tenacious spirit, and that our family will firmly plant our faith immovable in Jesus alone.
We always remember truth, so may His word be final/clear:
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. (James 1:17)
Thank you, friends.”

john ashley

How amazing is it than even when her heart is literally breaking for her child she is still praising God?! I have always admired her unwavering Faith and, now especially, I yearn for a heart like hers.

Please, if you are someone who prays, take the time to pray for this family. In fact, pray daily for this family. Pray without ceasing. No parent should ever have to go through this and yet, everyday, parents are receiving the most devastating news they will ever receive. While I pray for this family, I also pray that God will open my heart and ignite in me a fire for Him. A fire that burns so strong, that even in my darkest moments, I still find the strength to praise Him.

A GoFund Me Account has been started to help out this family. Ashley stays at home with her two boys: John Ashley who is 5 and Benjamin who is 1. Her husband Josh is a Middle School Teacher. If you are able, please consider donating to help out this family. Any little bit will help!

Thank you in advance for all your Love, Support and, most importantly, Prayers!!


Mrs. Fowler