To say that I have a lot of jewelry would be an understatement. My husband likes to joke and say that I have more jewelry than Quaker has oats. I feel that one simple necklace can change an entire outfit and, most of the time, no matter how much weight you gain, it still fits!! I still have necklaces from high school!! It is because of this that I have to be extremely organized. More than once I have lost an earring or ring only to find it buried in pile. My husband hates clutter so when I was given full control of the master closet, the first thing that I did was move all of my jewelry inside of it and then proceed to organize the beautiful chaos. I am sharing with you a few tips that I use to, not only organize, but also display all of the pretty jewels. While everyone may not have the space in a closet to organize like I did, this ideas will work on dressers, night stands and counters!!

1. Check out Local Stores

jewelry10  jewelry13

Places like Kirklands, Michaels, Home Goods, TJ Maxx and even Wal-Mart have many useful items made specifically for the organization of jewelry. The bracelet stand pictured above was purchased at Kirklands for only $7. The little tray that looks like it would hold eggs is also from Kirklands. It was only $5 and I knew it would be perfect for holding earrings! I am also checking out the sale section in these types of stores because you never know what you will find. In places like Wal-Mart or Target, look in the jewelry section because they will often put items like this close to the jewelry. Michaels is also a great resource because they usually have a new coupon every week for 40% off one item!!  I love to use these coupons to buy jewelry display items, found right in the jewelry making section, to further organize all of my bling.

2. Use Online Resources


The bracelet holder pictured above was found through a Google search at a wholesale site. The site sold racks, stands, and holders that are usually used to display items in a clothing or accessory store. Even though it was a wholesale site I was still able to purchase. There was not even a minimum requirement! Places like this are great because they are usually cheaper than department stores. Amazon and eBay are also great resources. If you can afford to wait, you can order from these sites directly from China. For just a few dollars, and usually few shipping, you can have yourself and new jewelry stand in about a month!

3. Dress up the Old


When statement necklaces started getting really popular earlier in 2014 I needed a way to organize the chunky pieces that took up less space. I found an empty set of Rubbermaid drawers underneath my bathroom sink that I knew would be perfect for the job. I didn’t think that the hard plastic and harsh white of the drawers really meshed with my other storage pieces so I decided to do a little DIY. With the help of material scraps and ribbon, that I got from my Mom’s leftover basket, I was able to soften up this pieces and give it a girlie touch so that it fit right in with my other pieces.

4. Check out Thrift Stores


In my free time I love to browse the shelves and racks of my local Goodwill. The saying is true, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Just because something has lost its luster does not mean that it is no longer valuable. This silver tray was tarnished, dirty and had a lose screw, but with a little TLC it became the perfect home for all of my watches and a few of my bracelets. Things like old suitcases and accessory trunks are also beautiful ways to show off your jewelry. Just make sure that you don’t pick something that is too big or you will lose your jewelry as the focus in the over-sized piece.

5. Utilize Wall Space


If you are able, utilizing wall space is a great way to organize and really show off your jewelry. Command hooks, key holders and even decorative pieces, like I have pictured above, can organize your jewelry by shape, size or color. It is also the perfect way to show off your favorite pieces. This little deer was purchased at Earthbound Trading Company.

6. Utilize Other Ways to Show Off Jewelry


I had always wanted a dress form, so when I found this one at TJ Maxx for less than $30, I knew that I had to bring it home with me. I have used it for many things over the years but my favorite thing to use it for is displaying my jewelry. I am constantly changing up what I choose to showcase depending on my mood. I will also sometimes drape things over my mirror or at the ends of my clothing rack. These are great ways to put out pieces that I am planning on wearing soon without them getting tangled or cluttered on my dresser.

jewelry9jewelry11 jewelry7

The main thing to remember is to have fun. I love jewelry because it brings life to my outfits. By displaying it I am able to bring that life into my living space as well. I can sit in my closet and look at that beautiful wall of jewelry for hours. My husband laughs because when he can’t find me in the house I can usually be found in the closet. Let your personality come through your organization and I am sure that you will create a space that you not only love, but one that you will also work to keep clean! If you have any questions about my organization tips, stores mentioned or even the jewelry pictured, feel free to leave me a comment below!!



Mrs. Fowler